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Small - Satin Starter Collection

Small - Satin Starter Collection

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This is a smaller curated selection of labels featuring satin labels. 

Designed for items that are washed frequently, or need an extra soft label, this collection includes all of the stock you need, 5 case packs, to introduce your customers to EverEmblem Satin Labels. With various sizes and styles your customers are certain to find the finishing touch for their product.

The EverEmblem Satin Starter Collection does not include a Retail Stand.

This Starter Collection includes:

1 x Case Packs (6 individual packs) of each the following:


Circle Heart - 1" x 1", Fold-Over, Sew-on (WSE01)

I Made This - 1" x 1", Fold-Over, Sew-on (WSE04)

Handmade Laurel - 0.5" x 1.5", Fold-Over, Sew-on (WSC03)

One of A Kind - 0.5" x 2", Fold-Over, Sew-on (WSE15)

Heart Motif - 2" x 1", Fold-Over, Sew-on (WSE18)


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